lg-1 hi flon

System by Solutions


Distillation System By PTFE-PFA lined Tank + Column

Mixing System By PTFE-PFA Lined Agitators

Jet Vacuum System By PFA Lined Ejectors

Filteration System By PFA lined Strainers

Fluid Entry System By PTFE Lined Dip Pipes

GLR Acessories Contol System By PTFE-PFA Lined Products

Fluid Flow System By PTFE or Antistatic PTFE Lined Pipes,Fittings Control Valves

GLR Repairing Solutions by Mashroom Pushers


Distillation Solution by PTFE & PFA Lined Column
Storage Solution by PTFE & PFA Lined Tanks & Shell
GLR Repairing Works by PFA lined Mushroom & Pure PTFE Pusher

The Hi-flon


Our engineers are serving Fluoropolymer linings to overcome problems related to highly corrosive fluid handling at high temperature. We design products; which are suitable to convey corrosive fluid at -30° C To +220 °C temperature range with full vacuum (-1 BAR) to High Pressure (+6 BAR) Conditions.
lg-1 hi flon

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