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CS Fabricate PFA Lined Ejectors

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CS Fabricate PFA Lined Ejectors

A CS-fabricated PFA-Lined Ejector Vacuum system gets used in corrosive fluid applications at high temperatures with the following function: A motive nozzle expands a relatively high-pressure fluid, such as steam or water,
which transforms the pressurized energy into velocity, or kinetic energy. Due to the high-velocity fluid jet, the downstream fluids or gases get delivered into the suction chamber from the intake nozzle.
The converging and diverging passages of the ejector are to be utilized to mix and convey motive fluid and suction fluid in the required composition to the discharge pot. Our process designers and product development engineers provide process data sheets to match the best-suited design with its GAD for applications.
Physical fitness is ensured by our QC engineers determining acceptable working circumstances such as pressure rating, vacuum appropriateness, temperature suitability, heat transfer rate, and thermal conductivity. Erection guidance is also provided to ensure the quality of the long-term outcome. In addition, lining vents as per pipe standards are supplied in each segment to evaluate user fouling of the segments over long-term usage.

Benefits and Features of Hi-Flon Design

  1. Suction Chambers structures can be lined with a one-piece PFA-Lined design that includes nozzles to reduce the possibility of leaking from the flange joints.
  2. Assured for Full Vacuum (-1 BAR) to Pressure (10 BAR).
  3. PFA lining Thickness : 5 MM±1 MM
  4. Easy-to-use PFA lining compares to glass-lining.
  5. Reliable construction of MS Fabricated PFA Lined jet ejectors against aggressive chemicals at high temperatures.
  6. On user request, Antistatic precautions require to be possible.
  7. Providing Vents to evaluate lining foul during its application.

Product development is subject to ANSI B 16.5 ASA#150 of IS2062 for flanges & ANSI 36.10 ASTM A-106 Grade B SCH-40 for Pipe with internal lining conformance to ASTM F1545.

4 MM-5 MM & in nozzles accordance to ASTM F1545

50 NB to 1000 NB
  1. Design temperature: 200 °C; working temperature: 180°C.
  2. Pressure: 6 BAR
  3. Vacuum: -1 BAR (Achieved by our mechanical interlocked lining technique)
  1. Spark Test: 15 KV to check for isolated metallic contacts after lining
  2. Hydrostatic Pressure Test: 7.5 Kg/Cm²
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CS Fabricate PFA Lined Ejectors

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