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A manufacturing facility with the most advanced engineering technologies, a highly skilled production crew & support staff, and machinery with lathe machines capable of turning objects with tiny to large dimensions A 10-ton lifting device, an industrial oven, a paste extruder and ram extruder, an iso-static moulding machine, a vertical milling machine, an injection moulding machine, a radial drill machine, a vertical milling, a hydraulic press machine are all included in the task at hand. The picture shows a handful of machinery from our machine shop.

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The hi-flon Vision

“Good Business Leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and make a non-stop drive to achieve it in to reality.”
Our vision for fluoropolymer lined products; to overcome every corrosion problems of the user and playing important role in entrepreneurship for make a new initiative. Our Leadership is the capacity to translate our vision in to reality.
To initiate the practice of Fixed Price-Right Price in the space.
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The hi-flon Mission

Mission is about peoples, not about projects. Our Mission is to become a customized & expertise Fluoropolymer Liners in all corrosive fluid handling systems.
Mission defines our strategy and strategy defines our structure of business. Engineers like to solve problem & Engineering is my passion.
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Vision & Mission

hi-flon mission

vision & mission

hi-flon vision

lg-1 hi flon

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