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CS Fabricated PTFE Lined Siphone Hole Dip Pipe

We offer various design in CS Fabricated PTFE Lined Siphon Hole Dip Pipe with One-Piece Design as shown in above image.Also Available in Antistatic PTFE Resins.
CS Fabricated PTFE Lined Siphon Hole Dip Pipe

Advantage: Sometimes in Dip Pipe in certain situation a siphonic affect can be created which could in effect drain the vessel. Our anti siphon Vent hole drain the fluid from top entry of the vessel and work as a anti siphon system. In simple manner to remove the chocking of the fluid in dip pipe by anti siphon system of siphon hole.

Our engineers are able to design Dip Pipes respect to Agitator Torque.

Our Technical Team also provides Torque Rating, Bending Moment based on RPM of the shaft & Motor Speed; it makes easier to recognize for suitable working conditions.

Our Engineers also guide for Installation and working after delivery at your sight by obtaining results.

Iso Static Lining & Flare Lining & Sleeve Lining.
Design Temperature: 200° C & Working Temperature: 180°C.

Torque (T) Bending Moments will be available after understanding User requirement & Detail.
In One-Piece Design L: 2000 MM (25 NB to 200 NB) In Thermal Fuse Welding Design: L: 3000 MM (25 NB to 200 NB)
Spark Test: 15 KV to check isolate metallic contacts after lining.

Hydro Test To check leakages. Suitable For Full Vacuum -1 BAR to high pressure +6 BAR.
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CS Fabricated PTFE Lined Siphone Hole Dip Pipe

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