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GLR Repairing Works by PFA lined
Mushroom & Pure PTFE Pusher

S1-PFA Mashroom(WM)
S2-PFA Mashroom(WM)
S3-PFA Mashroom(WM)
S4-PFA Mashroom(WM)

GLR Repairing Works by
PFA lined Mushroom & Pure PTFE Pusher

We provide a variety of GLR repairing products MS PFA-Lined Mushroom, Patch works by PTFE Pusher with PFA headed Bolts, Tantalum Patch, and Tantalum Repairs. By Hi-TransFlon/Hi-CompressFlon process group of manufacture, we can provide and execute functional designs suitable to the user’s application. We offer types of repairing activities and instructions, as well as PTFE and PFA lined materials, for performing quick glass lined reactor repairs. Damaged and chipped GLR nozzles can be fixed with the aid of an MS PFA lined nozzle, or the function can be shut off with the aid of an MS PFA lined blind flange.

Benefits and Features of Hi-Flon Design:

  1. Assured for Full Vacuum (-1 BAR) to Pressure (10 BAR).
  2. PTFE/PFA lining Thickness : 5 MM±1 MM
  3. Easy-to-use PTFE/PFA lining.
  4. Reliable construction of MS Fabricated PTFE/PFA Lined Mushroom & Pushers against aggressive chemicals at high temperatures.

4-6 MM according to the application

15 NB to 250 NB

  1. Design temperature: 200 °C; working temperature: 180°C.
  2. Pressure: 6 BAR
  3. Vacuum: -1 BAR (Achieved by our mechanical interlocked lining technique)
  1. Spark Test: 15 KV to check for isolated corrode contacts of the surface after repairs
  2. 2. Hydrostatic Pressure Test: 3 Kg/Cm²
We offer various range in Pure PTFE Pusher & PFA lined Mushroom user specific products as shown in above image. Our engineers can give tailor made solution as per user applications.
Transfer Lining or Isostatic Lining

25NB to 100 NB: PTFE Pushers.
100 NB to 400 NB : PFA lined Mushroom.

4 MM – 5 MM

  1. Design Temperature: 200° C & Working Temperature: 180°C.
  2. Pressure : +6 BAR
  1. Spark Test: 15 KV to check isolate metallic contacts after lining.
  2. Suitable for Full Vacuum -1 BAR to high pressure +6 BAR.
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GLR Repairing Works by PFA lined Mushroom & Pure PTFE Pusher

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