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3-Stage 3- Blade agitator

AGITATOR (Extender Design)

We offer various designs in CS Fabricated PTFE Lined Shaft & PFA Lined Impeller Agitator with Folding + Extender Blade Design as shown in above image. Due to our customize design brief will be available after User Request. We can design Agitators in Single stage Impeller, Two Stage Impeller & Multi Stage Agitator Impeller with 3-Blade& 2- Blade option in each stage.
CS PTFE Agitator

Folding + Extender Blade Design Brief: In this design complete Agitator Being Folded. There are two segments for each stage; PTFE lined Shaft & PFA Lined Impellers. In addition to extend blades by achieving sweep ø: 1100 MM to 2500 MM.

Advantages of Folding Design:

  1. Ease to install without opening the COC.
  2. Ease to carry due to all parts assembling in reactor.
  3. Install from Manhole Nozzle. ( 600 NB Manhole must be required)
  4. Rotational direction remains same as per user requirement.
  5. PFA Headed Fasteners are helps to extend sweep ø.

Above Image represent 4-Stage 2-Blagdes CS Fabricated PTFE + PFA Lined Agitator.

Our engineers are able to design impellers in Radial Blade (90°) or Pitch Blade (45°). In Pitch blade design we can develop Up Pumping or Down Pumping Manners As per User applications.

Our Technical Team also provides Torque Rating, Bending Moment based on RPM of the shaft & Motor Speed; it makes easier to recognize for suitable working conditions.

We can also able to replace only Impellers from CSGL Agitator. In CSGL Agitators sometimes Blades become damage due to high rotational torque; so our experts can be replace Impellers by PFA Lining. In Such case Hest Alloy ‘c’ Sleeves also become damage due to High rotational friction; we can replace also Hest Alloy ‘C’ Sleeve with respect to single or double mechanical seal.

Our Engineers also guide for Installation and working after delivery at your sight by checking Run out and Shaft RPM.

In Agitators; Impellers can be lined by PFA/FEP Resins & Shaft can be lined by PTFE Liners.

5 MM – 6 MM

Transfer Lining & Sleeve Lining.

Design Temperature: 200° C & Working Temperature: 180°C.

Torque (T) Bending Moments will be available after understanding User requirement & Detail.
For Impellers Sweep ø (Swing Over): 2500 MM Shaft Length: As per user requirement.

Spark Test: 15 KV to check isolate metallic contacts after lining.

Suitable For Full Vacuum -1 BAR to high pressure +6 BAR.

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CS Fabricated PTFE & PFA Lined Propelling Agitator

CS Fabricated PTFE & PFA Lined Propelling Agitator

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