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CS Fabricated PTFE and PFA
Lined Propelling Agitator

One Piece Design / Threaded Design

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CS Fabricated PTFE and PFA Lined Propelling Agitator

As seen in the preceding image, we provide numerous designs in one-piece PFA-lined impeller agitators and PTFE-lined shafts made of CS fabrication. We are able to construct agitators with single-stage, two-stage, and multi-stage agitator impellers with options for three and two blades in each stage.
PTFE + PFA- Lined agitator with three stages and three blades that are appears in the image above. Our designers can create impellers with either a pitch blade (45°) or a radial blade (90°) in PFA-Lined.
We can build up- or down-pumping fluid pattern type pitch blade design depending on user requirements. Additionally, based on the RPM of the shaft and motor speed, our technical team offers a torque rating and bending moment, which makes it simpler to identify appropriate working conditions.

Due to considerable rotational torque may sometimes damage the blades of CSGL agitators, our experts can replace the impellers with PFA lining, which is more durable against high torque. High rotating friction causes damage to Hastelloy-C sleeves in these circumstances, but we can also replace Hastelloy-C sleeves with respect to single or double mechanical seals.
By monitoring run out and shaft RPM, our engineers additionally supervise installation and work following delivery at your site.

Threaded Design Brief:

Threaded design make it possible for agitator to be installed inside the reactor from the manhole without having to open the COC. Threads 135 MM long at the shaft and impellers connect the conjunction in the design of kind agitators. A tight-fit mechanical allowance at the connection junction is made possible with the engineering skills of our technical experts, and it offers the functionality as required during applications. Threads with rotational direction that should rotate either clockwise or anticlockwise are according on the requirements of the user.

• Single-Stage Impeller Type Propelling Agitators.
• Two-Stage Impeller Type Propelling Agitators.
• Multi-Stage Impeller Type Propelling Agitators

Benefits and Features of Hi-Flon Design

  1. CS-based PTEF/PFA-Lined Agitator assembly helps to protect the contact surface and prevent corrosion on the metallic structure. Agitator constructed in one piece with an MS PTFE-lined shaft and MS PFA-lined impellers.
  2. Assured for Full Vacuum (-1 BAR) to High Pressure (10 BAR).
  3. Threaded design make it possible for agitator to be installed inside the reactor from the manhole without having to open the COC.
  4. PTFE & PFA lining Thickness: 6 MM±1 MM
  5. Easy-to-use & Easy-to-install PFA lined Agitator compares to Glass-lined Agitator.
  6. Sustain more Torque According to its rigid construction. Torque analysis provided along with design.
  7. The sweep diameter of the blades can be increased or extended to create the largest possible sterile route volume.
  8. Blade designs were created in either up-pumping or down-pumping ways depending on the fluid flow pattern the user required.
  9. Reliable construction of MS Fabricated PFA Lined Impeller+ PTFE-lined Shaft against aggressive chemicals at high temperatures.
  10. On user request, Antistatic precautions require to be possible.
  11. Providing Hollow Shaft to evaluate lining foul during its application.

Product development is regulated by ASTM F1545-compliant lining, STD SCH-XXS pipe for shafts, and IS2062 plates for impellers.

5 MM–6 MM

Impeller Sweep Diameter (Swing Over): 750 MM to 1100 MM (Sweep Extenders are provided for diameters above 1100 MM) According to the requirements of the user, shaft lengths possible from 1 to 6 meters are appropriate for single-, two-, or multi-stage applications.

  1. Design temperature: 200 °C; working temperature: 180°C.
  2. Pressure: 6 BAR
  3. Vacuum: -1 BAR (Achieved by our mechanical interlocked lining technique)
Spark Test: 15 KV to check for isolated metallic contacts after lining

We offer various design in CS Fabricated PTFE Lined Shaft & PFA Lined Impeller Agitator with One-Piece Design as shown in above image. We can design Agitators in Single stage Impeller, Two Stage Impeller & Multi Stage Agitator Impeller with 3-Blade& 2- Blade option in each stage.

Above Image represent 3-Stage 3-Blagdes CS Fabricated PTFE + PFA Lined Agitator.

For Impellers Sweep ø (Swing Over): 750 MM to 1100 MM. (Above 1100 MM Sweep ø Extenders are available to achieve) Shaft Length: As per user requirement.
CS PTFE Line Agitator

Our engineers are able to design impellers in Radial Blade (90°) or Pitch Blade (45°). In Pitch blade design we can develop Up Pumping or Down Pumping Manners As per User applications.

Our Technical Team also provides Torque Rating, Bending Moment based on RPM of the shaft & Motor Speed; it makes easier to recognize for suitable working conditions.

We can also able to replace only Impellers from CSGL Agitator. In CSGL Agitators sometimes Blades become damage due to high rotational torque; so our experts can be replace Impellers by PFA Lining. In Such case Hest Alloy ‘c’ Sleeves also become damage due to High rotational friction; we can replace also Hest Alloy ‘C’ Sleeve with respect to single or double mechanical seal.

Our Engineers also guide for Installation and working after delivery at your sight by checking Run out and Shaft RPM.

In Agitators; Impellers can be lined by PFA/FEP Resins & Shaft can be lined by PTFE Liners.

5 MM – 6 MM

Transfer Lining & Sleeve Lining.

Design Temperature: 200° C & Working Temperature: 180°C. Torque (T) Bending Moments will be available after understanding User requirement & Detail.

For Impellers Sweep ø (Swing Over): 750 MM to 1100 MM. (Above 1100 MM Sweep ø Extenders are available to achieve)Shaft Length: As per user requirement.

Spark Test: 15 KV to check isolate metallic contacts after lining.

Suitable For Full Vacuum -1 BAR to high pressure +6 BAR.

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