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CS PFA Lined Diaphragm Valve

We provide a variety of CS-PFA Lined Plug Valve helps stopping or starting the flow of fluid by its quarter-turn manual motion. On the pipe rack of chemical facilities, CS PFA Lined Plug Valve are used to transmit fluid flow of corrosive chemicals at high temperatures. By Hi-TransFlon process group of manufacture, we can provide and execute functional designs suitable to the user’s application.

Benefits and Features of Hi-Flon Design

  1. Assured for Full Vacuum (-1 BAR) to Pressure (10 BAR)
  2. PFA lining Thickness : 5 MM±1 MM
  3. Easy-to-use PFA lining
  4. Reliable construction of CS-PFA Plug Valve against aggressive chemicals at high temperatures

Product development is subject to ASME B 16.5 ASA#150 and lining conformance to ASTM F1545.
Body: WCB/SGI/SS with inside PFA lining.
Valve Sheet: PTFE.

Transfer Lining or Isostatic Lining
15 NB to 200 NB
4-5 MM according to the application
  1. Design temperature: 200 °C; working temperature: 180°C
  2. Pressure: 6 BAR
  3. Vacuum: -1 BAR (Achieved by our mechanical interlocked lining technique)
  1. Spark Test: 15 KV to check for isolated metallic contacts after lining
  2. 2. Hydrostatic Pressure Test: 7.5 Kg/Cm²
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PFA Lined 3-Way Plug Valve

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