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Who we are?

supports customers through every step of the manufacturing process. From prototyping to delivery, each customer is assigned a dedicated support team to seamlessly move programs through production.
We Hi-Flon Process Equipment are initiated into Fluoropolymer Linings & Solutions Since 2014.Our Expertise into innovative solutions to keep corrosion away. Our Fluoropolymer Linings are helpful to isolate all contacts of the highly corrosive fluid from its metallic body. Our Technical team works on User specific requirements and gives parallel solutions to overcome their problems related to corrosion by Fluoropolymer linings. Our aim is to provide tailor made solutions with maximum possibility to reach End User requirement. Our Engineers are ready to overcome User’s Problem in their existing Glass Lined by replacing Fluoropolymer Linings. Fluorine Base Polymers are more durable against high temperature and high corrosive fluids.
Our founder Mr. Prince Modi is a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering; his aim to entrepreneurship & initiative steps to make easier fluid handling system in highly corrosive fluid applications by use of Fluoropolymer products.
We have customized solutions in PTFE/PFA/FEP/ETFE Lined Products like in PTFE Lined Shaft, PFA Lined Impeller of Agitator, and Complete development of PTFE Lined Agitators, PTFE Lined Column, PFA Lined Column and more products. Our Engineers are also providing Technical Specification of all products For Ex. Torque Rating, Bending Moment, Spark Test Report, Hydro Test Report & Design Data sheet along with GA Drawings.
Our engineers are serving Fluoropolymer linings to overcome problems related to highly corrosive fluid handling at high temperature. We design products; which are suitable to convey corrosive fluid at -30° C To +220 °C temperature range with full vacuum (-1 BAR) to High Pressure (+6 BAR) Conditions.
We ensure the highest standards of finished product by retaining complete control of the manufacturing process. Our Experts are to provide innovative solutions by following technology.

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Why Fluoropolymer Linings?

Types of Fluoropolymers we have

As per User’s Case study: we advise on material selection to meet specific applications.

Physical Data Sheet of Fluoropolymers.
Design Temperature
Working Temperature
Corrosion Resistance

Technique Vs Design Data Sheet

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we are going to introduce new technology of Roto-Lining & Roto-Molding Technology soon for future fluoropolymer lining system. Rotational Lining & Molding process are more efficient in Lining of compound fluoropolymer parts. Technology we have today flare Lining, Transfer Lining & Isostatic Linings are suitable Linear and Co-Linear Fluoropolymer parts; so our experts are trying to introduce Roto-Lining & Roto Molding technology for Compound fluoropolymer Linings.

About Hi-Flon

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